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Kobrin district
executive committee
Deputy head of the District Executive Committee - Denisiuk Sergei Ivanovich

Denisiuk Sergei Ivanovich

Phone: (+375 1642) 2-18-75

Analysis, development and introduction of general strategy of social-economic development of the district. Direction of an industrial complex, trade and services.

Matters of:

  • Coordination of work of boards and departments of the district executive committee regarding economic development of the district.
  • Works of enterprises of industry (except for building materials industry), trade of industrial goods and the sphere of services of all forms of ownership.
  • Reforming of enterprises and organizations except for agricultural.
  • Inspectorate of the Ministry for taxes and duties in Kobrin district.
  • Kobrin branch of the district department of statistic.
  • Representation of the state insurance organization "Belgosstrakh" in Kobrin district.
  • Protection of the consumer’s right.
  • Timely payment of wages in supervised branches.
  • The commission on property directed to the state income.
  • The commission on currency.
  • The commission on price formation.
  • The commission on state registration and liquidation (stopping of activity) subjects of managing.
  • Kobrin district consumer society.
  • The communal unitary enterprise on service rendering "Kobrin district plant of consumer services" of trade enterprises.
  • Communal unitary enterprise "Kobrin STO".
  • JSC "Kobrin Chimik".
  • Kobrin branch of the Belarusian Chamber for Commerce and Industry.
  • Storages of scraps of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.
  • Communal unitary enterprises on rendering services to the population in a contryside exept for questions of technique equipping.
  • Interaction with twins cities of the Republic of Poland, Republic of Moldova.

Leading the activity of:

  • Economics board, including:
    • Department for economic, analysis and prognostication.
    • Sector of marketing relations.
    • Sector on management of state property and privatization.
    • Department for trade and services.
    • District centre of population employment.
  • Board for labour and social protection regarding the questions of perfection of payment system and strengthening of labour motivation in branches of economy, development of the offers and realization of the measures concerning tariffing of work, professions, appointments, perfection of norm-fixing and using of labour resources.
Kobrin district
executive committee
225306, Kobrin, Lenin place, 3,
e-mail: kbr-priem@brest.by
Kobrin district
executive committee
225306, Kobrin, Lenin place, 3,
e-mail: kbr-priem@brest.by
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